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FinProfit is a team of highly qualified professionals with 12 years’ experiences in asset management, programming and trading on the Russian, US and international financial markets,
- Our managers are certified to FSFR 1.0 and 5.0 level. But the secret to our popularity and success is our robots, who tirelessly work on the financial markets to increase the profits of our partners and customers.
- We regard all of our investors as partners, whether they have joined us recently or have been using our asset management system for four or more years, because we earn when they earn!
- We can be successful without the vast infrastructure of a large company thanks to modern technology and the Internet.
We don’t waste our money on advertising, and we don’t employ hard sales techniques for our products - we simply do our job well аnd our clients recommend us.
We’re very grateful.Thank you!

Best regards,
your FinProfit team

Andrey Malevich

We’d like to present the members of our team - our robots, who tirelessly work on the financial markets to increase the profits of our partners and clients.


FINIK 4.610

Overview of the work of our Finik robot


Our remarkable financial robot FINIK 4.610 has spent the past five years skilfully applying low-risk foreign currency management strategies. He’s now learned how to work for only four hours a day while still earning interest of up to 30%. He’s faced many challenges and hasn’t always made the right choices. Yet even his worst errors, involving drawdowns of up to 10% of the funds entrusted to him, have always been made good within the following three or four months. We trust him with our own money, and he’s still learning and becoming even better at what he does. Read on to find out more about his past successes and how to install him on your account if you prefer low-risk strategies.




MiG 4.610

Overview of the work of our MiG robot


Our MiG robot works like lightning. He carries out transactions in the blink of an eye and makes the most of every opportunity. We had to work hard to teach him his most useful skill - the ability to earn interest of up to 70%! He’s constantly getting better at what he does, and has never made any serious mistakes despite the risks and amounts of money involved. During the depths of the crisis he made drawdowns of up to 28%, but he managed to return the holdings to their initial levels within two months. Our MiG robot is a risky but trusted helper. He’s not afraid of any market conditions, he adapts quickly and, most importantly - he’s very good at earning money! If you too are risk-friendly and would like to earn interest of up to 70%, be brave and install our MiG robot - you won’t regret it!




Our clients are the key to our success - that’s why we treat each and every one of them like a partner!
Hi! I’d like to leave feedback on the RMA FinProfit robot, because I think it will be useful for anyone interested in automated trading. I’ve only recently got to know this particular way of making money, but my initial experiences have been very successful!! In one of your e-mails I saw an intriguing link to Andrey’s webinar. I decided it was worth a try. I listened to the webinar and installed a robot. I was in constant contact with Andrey, who gave me suggestions on how to set up the robot (although instructions are provided), which broker to choose and so on. All of his suggestions were clear and relevant, and I was very grateful for his help. The robot is currently being tested out on three demo accounts held at different brokers. Over the past two months the accounts have shown a positive trend (with various risk settings). The robot delivers on (or even exceeds) everything it promises. The accounts have now delivered a profit of +27%!! I didn’t have to change anything apart from the account and lot number. Thank you again, Andrey! Aleksandr, Rostov-on-Don.
Hi! Average annual interest of 30%. Drawdowns of 6%. Over the past three years, I’ve learned that you need to diversify in terms of both accounts and brokers. This is basically what the team advised me to do from the start. The customer service is excellent, and I never feel like I’m on my own. This was a really important factor for me. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid sudden ups and downs, and prefers to make steady and calm - but very respectable - earnings. I’d like to congratulate the team on their website, which won first prizes in the myfxbook competition! I have to admit that I wouldn’t risk drawdowns for 40%, but 250% is tempting. Best regards, Mikhail
Mikhail Blinov

My line of business has nothing to do with the currency market or investments, but I’ve been investing in the currency market for a long time. I learned about this Forex project from a friend, and I’m very glad I did. To be quite honest, I didn’t really believe it was possible to earn so much money. People say all sorts nowadays. But now I believe it, after withdrawing the profits!!! I couldn’t have been happier!!!!! After investing in Russian mutual funds, this project is like a ray of sunshine. I’ve earned a bit of money on the Russian markets, but if it’s not one thing going wrong then it’s another, with constant falls and losses. I’ve tried trading on my own, but like so many people I just don’t have the time, and of course the results were rather lacking, to put it mildly. I heard that MyFinProfit had taken first place in a competition for algorithm-based trading, and that their robot had been ranked second. I particularly admire the team’s honesty and helpfulness. It’s great to be able to talk to them on the phone or by Skype (which I prefer). I attended Andrey’s webinar on "EUR/USD trading volatility" where he gives you a robot ready to use on the currency markets. It seemed a bit complicated to me, and you do need a bit of time to get to grips with it. The final seminar for 2013 was fantastic!!!! Everything was clear and easy to understand. Andrey, you’re the BEST!!! Thanks!!! I hope to continue our partnership on the basis of a 30/70 investment. Keep up the good work!!!

Svetlana Shashkina
My dealings with "Finprofit" go back a long way. I started working with Andrey and the team in general as a private client, since back then I was professionally involved with the stocks and futures market and knew nothing about the Forex market. After just a few months, my account had turned a substantial profit. I also really liked the fact that the team genuinely do monitor the risks and show you what’s going on - it’s one of those rare cases when what they say in the advert is actually true. After almost two years as a private investor, I decided to set up my own company, "Liberty Investment", which has a whole strategy section focused on the currency markets. I handed over full responsibility for the strategy to FinProfit. Managing Partner of Liberty Investment Fedor Chuchkov
Fedor Chuchkov

Andrey, I’d like to thank you once again for the time you spent explaining every detail during our consultation and your valuable advice on financial market trading. Your recommendations really helped me to set up an automated trading system

Tatyana Rovinsky
A great project all round. I’ve come across several dozen projects of this kind in the course of my work as an investment analyst. Many big names and start-ups have been consigned to history since 2003. As I see it, there are four major factors which make this project different. 1) Statistics for real accounts, going back more than four years. 2) All deals are intra-day. There is no "relocating" of losses. 3) The advisers have built up long-term partnerships with the various brokers using the different tools. 4) The team has a vast amount of financial market experience. There’s one more factor as well - by no means everyone can earn money on the FOREX market, which is complex and far from straightforward. Anyone who succeeds in doing so is a true professional in my books. I’m confident that the project has a sound basis thanks to its trading strategy and its team of experts.
Igor Meshkov
financial consultant.

Is a great resource - http://www.finprofit.org/.I’d recommend it to anyone who’s interested in investing on the financial markets.

Fedor Chuchkov


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